A romantic and informal party
in the Umbrian countryside

Two spouses of different nationalities who have chosen to crown their wedding in the beautiful scenery of the Umbrian countryside.
Both residents abroad wanted to give their guests an informal and dynamic atmosphere and at the same time romantic, where the food presented in an unusual “street style”, allowed to create a truly unique party.

Type of Event



Il Poggio di Casanova

We Have Planned

– Location Management
– Food and Beverage
– Event Coordination
– Light Design
– Flower Decoration
– Banqueting Service

Wedding Destination in Umbria countryside
Wedding Destination Montecastrilli
Organizzazione matrimonio informale in campagna
allestimenti per matrimoni
wedding destination
flower design per matrimoni
Wedding Destination centro Italia
Organizzazione matrimoni per sposi no residenti in Italia
allestimenti matrimonio a tema
matrimonio romantico in Umbria
Wedding Destination transfer and accomodation
Umbria countryside wedding
Wedding Destination Organizzazione matrimoni
Romantic wedding in Umbria

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