The beauty
of tradition

Family traditions that come from generation to generation through the most archaic ties welded deeply with the territory.
In an inland church in the Marche region, an intimate ceremony took place in the same parish.
The evening continued with good food and beautiful music.
The hardest thing: maintain such a level of intimacy when you are a public figure.

Type of Event



Private House – Treia Marche


Andrea Tappo


Alfonso Muzzi

We Have Planned

– Event Project
– Event Supervision
– Event Coordination
– Light Design
– Banqueting Service
– Search/Coordination Shows & Artists
– Musical Intertainment

wedding photo shooting
wedding photo shooting
floral design for wedding
allestimento floreale chiesa
allestimento floreale chiesa
organizzazione matrimonio in ogni dettaglio
matrimoni spettacolari
location per matrimonilocation per matrimoni
allestimenti scenografie spettacolari per matrimoni
wedding show ed intrattenimento musicale
ricerca e allestimento wedding location

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